Summer Tips

Summer is the season for Gardening

Fall Is In The Air

Hutto’s has a great assortment of pansies, snap dragons, dusty miller, flowering kale and more to select from.

Spring Gardening

Gardens are coming to life. A few plants are beginning to bloom. It’s time to plant new trees and shrubs before the heat of summer is upon us.

Choosing the Right Plant

Hutto’s Home & Garden

Hutto's Home & Garden

 Green and Growing since 1968

Hutto’s is your one-stop lawn and garden center, offering one of the largest inventories of gardening products and supplies in the South since 1968. Known for offering excellent sales, service, consultations and advice from our experienced staff of certified and trained professionals, we are truly “A Store for All Seasons”!

Mama Hutto's Canned Items

You’re sure to find something for the food lover on your list from Mama Hutto’s Gourmet Recipe Line of canned specialty food products.

Here are a few of our exclusive and oh-so-tasty items:

• Peachy Peach Halves   • Dilled Green Bean’s • Candied Jalapeños   • Pickled Okra • Quail Eggs ( mild or spicy)
• Chow-Chow(hot or regular) • Fruit Preserves (no sugar added) • Apple Butter • Assorted Pickles Assorted Salsas • Assorted Quesos

Hutto's Fruit Trees & Vines

Talk about a great assortment!

 Apple   • Pear   • Apricot   • Persimmon
• Nectarine   
• Peach   • Plum    • Fig
• Muscadine.  • Grape   • Blackberry
• Raspberry   • Blueberry   • Cherry
• Crabapple   • Pomegranate

 Many many more to choose from. 

Pecan Shelling

Yes, We Shell Pecans!

Bring in your pecans and we will crack, shell and blow clean your pecans in a three-step process.

You may wait on your pecans to be shelled or just drop them off for pick up later. Most orders take less than an hour.  

Soil, Organics & Gravel

Hutto’s offers one of the South’s largest inventory of soils, mulches, organic compost and gravel.

Our signature soil  is Mrs. Hutto’s Bedding Mix.  A family recipe of a unique, customized blend of organic compost, topsoil, manure and other secrets. Featured in Mississippi Magazine, customer once said:
“It’ll grow pencils!”

Mrs. Hutto’s Bedding Mix can be used for any landscape or garden and can be bought by the bag (approx. 40#) or by the yard.   Buy Five Bags, Get One Free!

Primary Products and Services:

Lawn Care and Sod

Soil, Organics and Gravel

Pecan Shelling 

Food Plot Mixes and Management 

Garden Seed in Bulk
Bedding and vegetable plants
Trees and shrubs

Pet feed and supplies
Livestock feed
Nursery supplies
Soil amendments and mulches
Bird feeders and supplies

Outdoor furniture
Animal care products
Organic gardening products
Flower seed and bulbs
Private label lawn food
Private label fertilizers
Pecan shelling service

Mama Hutto’s canned items
Local honey
Tool sharpening service
Metro dump truck delivery of soil
Fruit trees and vines


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