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Hutto’s Rose Food Special

Hutto’s Rose Food Special is a rose food recipe that the Men’s Garden Clubs of America shared with us around 40 years ago. As you can guess we have many rose enthusiasts that are sold on our rose food.

When fed and cared for properly, roses are one of the most rewarding plants that we have in our gardens. Apply horticultural oil/dormant oil in the Winter and make necessary pruning. Remove all dead foliage from underneath the plant throughout the year and mulch as needed. When foliage starts appearing begin spraying with a systemic insecticide combined with a systemic fungicide as a preventive every six to eight weeks during the growing season. Always read and follow directions of the particular products that you are applying.

Incorporate Hutto’s Rose Special into the soil no closer than two inches from the trunk. Apply 3 cups per plant monthly during the growing season for best results. Available in 5lb., 10lb., 20lb., and 40 lb. bags


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