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 Summer Tips

In every garden keeping an eye out for insects and diseases is a must. They can be particularly problematic in the summer. When you see an issue that you’re not quite sure how to handle please take some pictures and bring us a few leaves. We can help identify the problem and give some options to best solve your issue.

During the drier part of summer you will need to water your garden to keep it performing at its peak. Most gardens would like to have an average of 1 inch of water a week. It’s best to apply that inch all at once during the early morning hours to encourage the plant roots to grow deep in to the soil in order to reach all the nutrients. Hutto’s offers water hoses, soaker hoses, watering wands, sprinklers and of course rain gauges, to meet all your watering needs.

Spreading a 2 inch layer of mulch over your soil is one of the best things you can do for your garden. It holds the moisture around your plants and keeps them cooler. Mulching will also aid in avoiding weeds taking over your garden. We have many types of mulch to choose from, pine mulch, hardwood mulch, cypress mulch and pine straw. Wheat straw is wonderful mulch for vegetable gardens.

Keep your annual containers looking their best with regular watering, fertilizing and deadheading. This means pinching or trimming the dead flowers off the plants to encourage new flowers to appear and keep your plants looking good. Feed them with a water soluble bloom boosting fertilizer every other week for that exceptionally beautiful plant.

Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Relax in a hammock or porch swing that you found at Hutto’s. Grill up some dinner. Enjoy your garden.


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