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Hutto’s Home & Garden

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Hutto’s Home & Garden

Hutto's Home & Garden

 Green and Growing since 1968

Hutto’s is your one-stop lawn and garden center, offering one of the largest inventories of gardening products and supplies in the South since 1968. Known for offering excellent sales, service, consultations and advice from our experienced staff of certified and trained professionals, we are truly “A Store for All Seasons”!


Hutto’s offers a complete line of plant foods and fertilizers for your lawn, garden or houseplants.

 Water soluble, organic, granular or slow release fertilizers as well as: 

  • 13-13-13.
  • Ammonium Nitrate 
  • Triple Superphosphate (0-46-0)
  • Muriate of Potash (0-0-60)

 Ask us about any fertilizer analysis, we probably have it!  

As always, our experienced staff offers application advice and recommendations on all our fertilizers—free of charge.  


We offer a vast selection of chemicals for the home and garden.  

 Lawn weed control, herbicides, insecticides, and brush control for your home lawn, landscape or garden—that’s our expertise!  

 We also offer help with indoor pest control.  Our top priority is giving you timely, knowledgeable advice for your family’s safety and the environment.


All year long, Hutto’s offers a great selection of garden tools, hand tools, shovels, rakes, garden hoes, post hole diggers, pruners, hedge trimmers, pump up sprayers and  back pack sprayers, as well as push brooms for your landscape.

 Our product line includes top brands like:

Corona  • Green Thumb • Tru Value • Fiskars •Bond • Yard Butler • Garden Weasel  • Groundbreakers Landscaper • Collins Axe • Dramm • Chaplin •Solo


Garden Seed

 Hutto’s offers one of the South’s largest selections of garden vegetable seeds—all tried and true varieties with the Deep South gardener in mind!  

We offer non-GMO , heirloom and locally sourced seed.  Bulk prices available.

From asparagus to zucchini, we have it all!

Bedding and Vegetable Plants

With over 1/2 acre of covered greenhouses, Hutto’s offers hundreds of varieties of vegetables and flowers, herbs and succulents, hanging baskets and climbing flowers.  

See us for hard to find heirloom varieties of tomato plants.  Nobody beats our selection!

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are excellent for shade, sun, privacy, beauty and wildlife.  

Low maintenance ideas and landscape design services are available.

We have established ourselves as this area’s Fruit Tree Headquarters with our vast selection of:  Apples • Pears • Plums• Peaches • Nectarines • Figs • Pomegranate •  Apricots • Pecan Trees • And Many, many more

See us for hard to find varieties!

Buy Five Trees, Get One Free!


Whether you’re a homeowner, handy-person, DIY or landscaper, we want you to consider Hutto’s your One-Stop Shop for all your hardware needs.  

Hand tools , saws, bolts, screws, spray paints and PVC are just the beginning for a quick pick up of a hardware item or tool for most any project. 

And Hutto’s signature friendly guidance and advice with each purchase—absolutely free!


Pet Feed and Supplies

Hutto’s offers Extreme Elite dog foods.  Recommended by veterinarians, Extreme Elite has no soy, wheat, soy or gluten. 

 Choose from: Puppy and Active Dog 26/17 • Pro Athlete 30/20 • Professional Formula 24/20

 For our pet lovers, we also offer:
Dog chain • Swivels  • Tie out stakes  • Flea and tick control  • Travel kennels • 

5 -1 shots (puppy) • 9-1 shots (Adult) 

Livestock Feed

For your livestock needs, Hutto’s has it:

Rabbit pellets  • Chick starter grower •Corn chops

Feed corn • Hen Scratch • Catfish food • Sweet feed

Nursery Supplies
For commercial nurseries or for your nursery/greenhouse at home:

Perlite  • Vermiculite  • Seed starter soil • Cactus soil • Seedling heat mats

Self watering greenhouses  • Peat pots • Starter plant trays  • Peat pellets • Seed cell trays

We also offer walk in greenhouses and we custom cut shade cloth

Soil Amendments and Mulches

Our selection is second to none:

  •  Peat moss
  • Pine mulch
  • Hardwood mulch
  • Cypress mulch
  • Organic compost
  • Sand
  • Gypsum
  • Pine straw 

Hutto’s offers sod year-round.

Fall is a great time to winterize your lawn!

 Hutto’s 8-8-24 Winterizer is perfect for our area for building winter hardiness and disease resistance.  

 Ask about our pre-emergence weed control program!  

 Hutto’s offers sod year-round with fresh shipments almost every week.  St. Augustine, Bermuda, Centipede and Zoysia fresh off the farm and onto your truck.  We sell sod by the piece or by the pallet.  Call for availability and price. 


Hutto’s offers a great selection of Number One Grade potted roses.

Our roses are hand potted by our staff, pruned and fertilized. Potted in our special rose mix soil, our roses offer you a great start. 

And what a variety!

  • Climbing roses
  • Floribundas Grandifloras
  • Hybrid teas
  • Knock outs
Bird Feeders and Supplies

If you love birds (and who doesn’t!), you’ll love our selection:

Combination sunflower/thistle feeders • Mealworms • Suet

Hummingbird feeders and nectar  • Purple Martin houses, poles and gourds • Customer blends of Wheat Mix and Millet Mix bird feed • Black oil sunflower seed • Striped sunflower seed • Thistle seed • Proso millet • Squirrel Guards

Outdoor Furniture

Putting together an outdoor living room or dining area?

Hutto’s has a great selection of cypress furniture.  Our cypress made inventory includes Adirondack chairs, rockers, child rockers, swings and gliders.  All made locally. 

We also have Retro style gliders and European style metal garden benches. It’s comfortable beauty guaranteed to enhance any landscape or patio. 

Animal Care Products

Livestock supplies we offer include insect sprays , fly control, tick and horsefly control.  In addition, we stock many Co-op supplies such as horse wormer paste and lineaments. 

Hutto’s also stocks:  Hydrated Lime for odor control and sanitation. • Feed salt and trace mineral salt in blocks and bags • Hi-grade steel foot tubs • Master Rancher feed tubs that are  impact resistant and farm tough.  

We also stock the old fashioned bushel baskets!

Organic Gardening Products

Check out Hutto’s extensive line of organic gardening products.

All natural fungus and pest solutions. Our organic products can be used safely around domestic animals, pets and wildlife.  

Let Hutto’s help make your home and garden a healthier place to live and enjoy with these items:

Natural Guard • Dr. Earth • Espoma Organic • Fox Farm • Nature Supreme  • Earthworm Castings • Poultry Litter • Cottonseed Meal • Alfalfa Pellets • Kelp Meal • Much, much more!

Flower Seed and Bulbs

Hutto’s has a great selection of seeds and bulbs…Burpee Seed • Livingston Seed • Van Bloom Garden Bulbs

Be sure to ask  us about the best flower seed and bulbs for our plant hardiness zone!

Private Label Lawn Food

Hutto has a special blend fertilizer program

Buy Five Bags Mix or Match Get One Free.

Our 24-8-16 slow release fertilizer with iron is great for St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia lawns. 20lb bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. Apply when the lawn starts greening up in the Spring, then again every two months

Our 16-0-16 slow release fertilizer with iron is for centipede lawn. The 20 lb bag covers 5,000 sq. ft. Apply when the lawn starts  greening up in the Spring, then again every two months.

Private Label Fertilizers

Our 12-16-16 slow release fertilizer with iron it is great for Azaleas, Gardenias, Camellias, Magnolias. Comes in a 20 lb bag.
Feed plants after blooming. Apply 1/4 pound per foot of height. Apply in Spring and Fall. 

Our 16-8-12 slow release fertilizer with iron is excellent for trees and shrubs and comes in a 20 lb bag.
Apply one pound per inch of trunk diameter for trees.
Apply a quarter pound per foot of height for shrubs. Apply in the Spring and Fall.

Our 9-18-9 slow release fertilizer with iron is perfect for flowering trees and shrubs and comes in a 20 lb bag. Apply one pound per inch of trunk diameter for trees.
Apply a quarter pound per foot of height for shrubs. Apply in the Spring and Fall.

Pecan Shelling Service

Yes, We Shell Pecans!

Bring in your pecans and we will crack, shell and blow clean your pecans in a three-step process.

You may wait on your pecans to be shelled or just drop them off for pick up later. Most orders take less than an hour.


We sell Mama Hutto’s Delicious Mammoth Pecan Halves year round.  

Grown in Indianola, these are the best tasting pecans on the market! Handsome one-pound packages make them the perfect Mississippi gift.  

We also offer the smaller, seedling pecans when in season. 

Mama Hutto’s Canned Items

You’re sure to find something for the food lover on your list from Mama Hutto’s Gourmet Recipe Line of canned specialty food products.  

Here are a few of our exclusive and oh-so-tasty items:
Peachy Peach Halves • Dilled Green Bean’s • Candied Jalapeños • Pickled Okra • Quail Eggs ( mild or spicy) • Chow-Chow(hot or regular) • Fruit Preserves (no sugar added) • Apple Butter • Assorted Pickles Assorted Salsas  • Assorted Quesos 

Local Honey

How sweet it is at Hutto’s.

100% pure honey from wildflowers, clover, cotton, and sunflower blooms. Unprocessed and raw, our honey is harvested from hives in Hinds, Yazoo and Rankin County areas.  

Tool Sharpening Service

Yes, we can sharpen these tools sharpened while you wait!

Shovels • Hoes • Pruners • Lawn mower blades • Kaiser blades • Ditch Bank blades • Axes • Hatchets 

Metro Dump Truck Delivery of Soil

For your convenience…Hutto’s delivers!  

Let us deliver these to your driveway:

Mrs. Hutto’s Bedding Mix • Topsoil • Mulch• Compost 

We will deliver a minimum of three yards and maximum of eight yards usually within 24 hours.  

Please allow one day delivery,  if possible.  

Fruit Trees and Vines

Talk about a great assortment!

Apple • Pear • Apricot • Persimmon • Nectarine • Peach • Plum • Fig • Muscadine • Grape • Blackberry • Raspberry • Blueberry • Cherry • Crabapple • Pomegranate

Many many more to choose from.


Yoder’s Good Health Tonic

Yoder’s Good Health Recipe is an old fashioned, all natural supplement.

It contains real apple cider vinegar with herbs and spices with a blend of fruit juices.

All natural, no preservatives, non GMO, gluten free and certified Kosher. For best results, we recommend taking 1-2 ounces daily.

Try for yourself – you will be glad you did!

Primary Products and Services:

Garden Seed in Bulk
Bedding and vegetable plants
Trees and shrubs

Pet feed and supplies
Livestock feed
Nursery supplies
Soil amendments and mulches
Bird feeders and supplies

Outdoor furniture
Animal care products
Organic gardening products
Flower seed and bulbs
Private label lawn food
Private label fertilizers
Pecan shelling service

Mama Hutto’s canned items
Local honey
Tool sharpening service
Metro dump truck delivery of soil
Fruit trees and vines


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